Mission Trips provide opportunities to serve people outside of the Omaha metro area. Some trips involve physical labor like cutting wood or building homes, while others provide opportunities to work with children or minister more directly to adults. Every trip is different, but the goal of each is the same: to demonstrate God's love in concrete, tangible ways to a world that desperately needs it. For more information regarding upcoming Mission Trips, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ecuador Mission Trip 2017

June 17th - 24th | Santa Elena, Ecuador | Led by Alyse Wulff

Nothing says, “You are special, valued, significant or powerful” quite like a visit from a child’s sponsor. The surprise is that the sponsor often feels the same message coming back to them from their sponsored child – this interaction is nothing short of a truly sacred encounter. On this trip, you will have the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with your sponsored child; you will experience a deeper understanding of the reality and context your sponsored child experiences as a result of poverty in Ecuador. We hope that this trip will develop a passion to advance the cause of children in poverty so that together we can release even more children from poverty in Jesus’ name!

"The Compassion trip to Ecuador was an experience of a lifetime. I felt as connected to Jesus as I have ever been. The opportunity I had to invest in church leaders, visit my sponsor child's home, and build relationships with kids was priceless." – Alyse W.

"The people at the church in Ecuador were amazing.  We thought we were going there to serve and minister to them. They, in turn, served and ministered to us.  We were truly blessed by the people of Ecuador and the Compassion interpreters.  It was an incredible experience." – Nancy S.

"Visiting Justin, my sponsor child, allowed him to put a face and a voice and a hug to a name and the same was true for me with him. Before I went to Ecuador he was a kiddo on the other side of the Equator that I cared for financially but when I met him, he became my family and I became his." – Aanna S.